To ameliorate the healing process within chemotherapy treatment areas using art, music, and design.



The Organization

The number of cancer patients in the United States is growing, and chemotherapy is often a crucial part of treatment. The process can unfortunately be long and tedious. Rxhibition's objective is to bring the immersive nature of the art exhibition into chemotherapy treatment areas, creating an out-of-hospital atmosphere where patients can heal in a beautiful and engaging space. We design environments that creatively engage patients and also provide an escape from the traditional hospital atmosphere.

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The Concept

Slowly but surely art, music, and atmosphere are becoming larger factors in healthcare design. Rxhibition hopes to encourage further research into how and why these elements benefit the overall treatment experience so that a comfortable and engaging environment will become the new hospital standard. Click below to learn more about the research behind our concept.

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The Artists

In addition to designing these spaces for the healthcare community, we are excited to serve as a platform for independent artists. By donating work to our organization, artists become connected to viewers in unimaginable ways. As an organization with a diverse set of constituents and supporters from a range of industries, we are centrally positioned to provide artists with the platform they need to gain recognition and broaden their following.

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